Personal Insurance

Family Protection Plan

Why is a family protection plan needed?

Sometimes life’s difficulties and losses happen when we least expect them. We all like to think that we will always be present to take care of our families. Unfortunately, the timing of our death is usually unpredictable.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What if it happened to you?
Could your family survive?
Where would they live?
Would they have enough money to pay the bills?

A Family Protection Plan can provide answers to all of these questions.

Education Plan For Your Children

Why is an education plan important?

We know that you want the best for your children. We all work hard to make sure they have all that they need in life, but sometimes we overlook the simple things we can do to ensure their future. A quality education is essential for the success of anyone; an education is the best inheritance you can give your kids.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you thought about how to secure their future?
Do you know the impact that an university education can have on your children’s lives?

An education plan for your children can provide answers to all of these questions.

Medical Insurance Plans

Why is a medical expense plan needed?

Have you considered what would happen if you didn’t have the necessary protection in place to cover you, your home, or business in the case of a catastrophic injury or prolonged illness? If one of your family members or employees becomes ill or injured, could you afford it, or would your assets and business become at risk?

Our local and international medical coverage plans will provide you with the necessary protection when you need it the most.

Business Continuation Plan

Why do you need a continuation plan for your business?

Most entrepreneurs work years to build their small businesses and develop them into large and successful corporations.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What happens to the business if one of the partners dies?
How will you ensure that the business can continue its operations?
Which of the surviving owners or their heirs will manage the shareholding of the deceased partner or their interests in the company?

A business continuation plan can provide answers to all of these questions.

Key Executive Plan

How to protect your business from the death of a key executive?

A business usually succeeds, or fails, based on the skills and leadership of one or more key executives.

The death of a key executive could have a serious negative impact on the operations, success, and profits of the company.

A protection plan for your key executives offers the company an easy and economical way to protect its operations against the negative financial effects of an unexpected loss.


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