Property Insurance

Called property or damage insurance, this policy protects the personal or business assets in the case of any eventuality.

Throughout the years, people and organizations acquire assets to develop their personal, professional, and operational activities. These assets represent an important investment, as well as the effort of many years, because they can prevent partial or total loss which can cause significant imbalances at the financial level; potentially risking the capacity to generate income in the future.

For this reason, deferring the risk through an adequate insurance policy allows us to have the peace of mind that, in the event of an unexpected incident, we can replace important assets.

We advise that our clients obtain an adequate and complete analysis of risk in order to have an accurate and professional guidance regarding the amount of coverage needed in accordance with real financial and economic probabilities.

The following are important types of insurance to consider:

Auto insurance

Why do you need car insurance?

With this type of insurance, it is possible to protect your vehicle in the event of a collision or theft. It is recommended that auto insurance holders incorporate liability coverage in their policy to cover third parties who might be harmed in an accident; liability insurance would cover death or physical injury, as well as damage or impairment of their property.

Fire and Allied Lines Insurance

Why do you need Fire and Allied Lines Insurance?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost your home, office, or industrial plant overnight? How much time would it take to restore those important assets?

Through Fire and Allied Lines Insurance, assets such as housing, condominiums, industrial plants, and commercial premises, among others, are protected from fire; allied lines insurance protects your assets from wind and water damage, and vandalism, as well.

Coverage of these assets includes loss or damage resulting from fire, lightning, fallen trees, damage by ill-intentioned people, vehicle collision, explosion, strike, and robbery. Likewise, earthquakes, floods, landslides, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, underground fires, loss of income by tenant lease breaking, glass breakage, rental expenses, business continuity, and assistance can be covered depending on the extent of your policy.

Household items may be included in the case of residences, as well as machinery and equipment, and merchandise in relation to industries and businesses.

Liability Insurance

Why do you need Liability and Insurance?

All persons and organizations are exposed to lawsuits in accordance with situations that pertain to the damage of physical integrity or property of third parties. These circumstances can arise due to the use of possessions (for example: automobiles) or in the process of practicing a profession (for example: medical procedures).

Personal liability insurance protects your current and future assets, providing coverage for lawsuits you may face as a result of an accident, including bodily injury to others on your property or caused by you.

Within this category of insurance, we include: professional civil liability, commercial and industrial local liability, parking, tour operators, private security companies, and products.

Other property insurances

Other property insurances that are available
in the market

All-Risk insurance for construction and assembly
Cargo Insurance (internal and export)
Guarantee insurance (guarantees of compliance and participation, alimony)
Electronic equipment insurance (Telephones, computer equipment, medical equipment)

Our brokers are available to advise you on the identification of risks, the most appropriate way to mitigate them, and the insurance coverage that suits your needs.

Do not risk losing what it has cost you so much to obtain.


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